representing poppy
growers at all levels
of industry and

Poppy Growers Tasmania Inc (PGT) is the peak poppy grower organisation in Tasmania charged with representing the interests of the state’s 850 poppy growers at all levels of industry and government – local, state, national and international.

PGT’s only source of funding is from voluntary growers levies and it represents approximately 85% of Tasmania’s poppy growers.

tasmanian Poppy Stats

Up to 30,000 ha of poppies have been grown in Tasmania. Independent studies indicate Tasmania conservatively has 45,000 ha of land available to grow poppies on a year in year out sustainable basis. 

Approximately 850

Approximately $100 million

A minimum of $2,000 per hectare i.e. $50M of the $100M at farm gate value is expended by the farmer in rural Tasmania to purchase goods and services to actually grow the crop.
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Membership is open to all Tasmanian poppy growers.


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