About Us

Poppy Growers Tasmania Inc (PGT) is the peak poppy grower organisation in Tasmania charged with representing the interests of the state’s 850 poppy growers at all levels of industry and government – local, state, national and international.

PGT’s only source of funding is from voluntary growers levies and it represents approximately 85% of Tasmania’s poppy growers.

Up to 30,000 ha of poppies have been grown in Tasmania. Independent studies indicate Tasmania conservatively has 45,000 ha of land available to grow poppies on a year in year out sustainable basis. 
Approximately 850 
Approximately $100 million 
A minimum of $2,000 per hectare i.e. $50M of the $100M at farm gate value is expended by the farmer in rural Tasmania to purchase goods and services to actually grow the crop. 
Approximately 3 to 4 multiplier = $300/400 Million 

350 Full time employees by poppy companies

250 Full time employees by contractors, suppliers and advisors

600 Full time employees by farmers

1200 Full time equivalents

Value at farm gate in context of importance to Tasmania, poppies is the third most valuable land based undertaking next to dairy and beef.

The principal operations of PGT are to ensure that the policies and concerns of Tasmanian poppy growers are recognised by industry, the wider community and at all levels of government and are given a high degree of consideration at all levels of the decision making process.

Great emphasis is placed upon industry security that accords with the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961 (as amended by the 1972 protocol).

  • Updated paddock security signs;
  • Poppy Industry Public Safety and Education Committee (PIPSEC);
  • Website: www.notyouraveragepoppy.org.au;
  • Overseas imports and growing on mainland Australia;
  • Right to Farm Legislation;
  • Poppy Tax;
  • GMO’s;
  • Medicinal Cannabis;
  • Poppies – suitable land availability;
  • PGT $64,000.00 contribution to the Downy Mildew Research Project by UTas and Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. Total Project value – $320,000.